About Rhododendron Plantation Kerperien - Rhododendron kwekerij Kerperien Drenthe

About us

header1We are a nursery that specialises in growing standard rhododendrons in all sizes. In 1999 we started the nursery as a side activity to peat harvesting. Over the years, the nursery has grown into a fully-fledged industry. The Kerperien Rhododendron nursery is located in South-East Drenthe where it has access to 8 ha of original peat soil. It was established on the German border with direct access to the A31 German highway that forms part of the European road network.

Our rhododendrons are mostly supplied through fellow growers, wholesaler nurseries, municipalities, landscapers and large cash and carry companies. Deliveries are exclusively based on orders. You can also come to us as an individual customer. We are not a Garden Centre; sales to individual customers are also based on orders. Just contact us and we will get your plants ready for you.

We deliver plants from 60/80 cm to very large.

We supply all plants from our own nursery.

We are the address for large rhododendrons in the Netherlands.

We provide open soil plants with compact peat clods.

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