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Non-deciduous wintergreen hedge

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Rhododendrons are ideally suited for non-deciduous or evergreen hedges; they stay green during the winter period. We can supply the plants to achieve this! Above you can see some examples of hedges and clusters created with plants from our nursery.

Green rhododendron hedge

Especially the larger plants are very suitable for use as hedge plants. Regular removal of dead flowers enhances growth and will quickly improve density of the hedge. You can use one kind of rhododendron, but it is of course also possible to combine multiple types. This produces a very playful effect. The advantage of a rhododendron hedge is that you will have a winter green divider. Even in the winter when most trees lose their leaves, the rhododendron stays green. This will preserve your privacy and great views of an evergreen garden.

Rhododendron as specimen bush

A Rhododendron is also very effective when used as a solitary specimen bush. Because this plant stays green in winter, it is a suitable eye catcher all year round. When the plant is flowering in the spring, it will give the garden even more allure. Rhododendrons can be used as solitary specimen bushes in any size, from large too small.

More information can be found on our page about ‘Large Rhododendrons'.

Rhododendrons in smaller gardens

Smaller gardens will also be provided with the right atmosphere by a rhododendron. Place rhododendrons in central spots to use them as an eye-catcher. Don't be too afraid to use some larger specimens in your garden. These can form a beautiful base. A smaller hedge looks lovely and adds body to your garden all year round.

The rhododendron is a versatile plant and should not be excluded from your garden.



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