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Buying a rhododendron

nova zembla verkoopYou are considering buying a rhododendron; a wonderful choice! However, there are some facts to consider before you buy.

What do you need to keep in mind when acquiring a rhododendron?

A compact plant with dense volume is more important than the height of the plant. The roots should be well developed. The root system must be in proportion to the superstructure of the plant.

Why choose us?

  1. All rhododendrons are supplied with a compact root ball. Our plants are removed carefully, causing minimal damage.
  2. Rhododendrons from the open ground are stronger and more compact than plants cultivated in pots. This gives you a more beautiful plant that can establish itself faster and more effectively in your garden.
  3. Several times a year, our plants are checked by Naktuinbouw, an organization that monitors plant quality and health. Our nursery is a Naktuinbouw Registered Company.
  4. Customer friendly and correct supply of your plants.

Individual and business customers

Our rhododendrons are mostly supplied through fellow growers, wholesaler nurseries, municipalities, landscapers and large cash and carry companies. Deliveries are exclusively based on orders. You can also come to us as an individual customer. We are not a Garden Centre; sales to individual customers are also based on orders. Just contact us and we will get your plants ready for you.


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