Big Rhododendrons - Rhododendron kwekerij Kerperien Drenthe

Large rhododendrons

grote rhodo lee darks purple

Large rhododendrons planted around your home, business site or in a park provide both special allure as well as a luxurious look. These plants are well suited to be used as evergreen 'architectural' elements to be included in projects. As single solitary plants or as repeated greenery elements; they always guarantee a special effect.

Large rhododendrons can be used perfectly for solitary, clustered, hedge or park constructions. In a smaller garden this lavish plant will also quickly make an impact.

Our rhododendrons have exactly the right soil conditions to grow to plus sizes of up to 250 cm high. By digging around the plants every year, we create ideal growing conditions for beautiful dense plants.

Rhododendrons from our own nursery are available up to 250 cm in height.

We are the only nursery in the Netherlands to be able to supply large size rhododendrons from our own nursery. So if you are looking for large rhododendrons, you have found the right address!

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